ALICE outdoor camping survival Waterproof and shockproof box sealed box EDC field survival tool storage box (trumpet)

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Name:outdoor waterproof box shockproof pressure seal box life-saving tool storage box Weight: Box:60g Size:115*60mm 35mm Spot color:black,blue and orange Uses:small items storage,easy to carry.Remember to compare the size before shopping to the amount of goods placed in the body. Characteristics:1.Waterproof, dampproof, dustproof, with Black Silicone sealing strip, 100% water repellent, can not be soaked in water, if the water pressure is too strong as will leak, adapt to any rain weather environment, maintain the internal dryness, can float on the water surface. 2 earthquake: cover the 3mmPE anti – lining, effectively protect the impact of the goods inside the box. 3 strength: high strength composite material, guarantee strength. Customized logo and color can be printed if the qty is big.

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